At this stage all units are held in Wellington, and transport must be arranged.
If this doesn’t suit, you can have a look at this page to find a contractor nearer to home or join our mailing list and indicate your interest in hiring to be informed of new hire agents and contractors in your region.

Our rates are tailored for businesses, with no additional charges for non-business days and reduced rates for longer term hire.
All rates are GST-exclusive.

DAILY RATE: $200/day

Our base rate for hire terms less than 5 business days. We don’t hire for half-days at this stage.

WEEK+: $750/week ($150/day)

A reduced rate for hire terms of 5 – 21 business days. No additional charge weekend charge for hire over 5 days.

MONTH+: $550/week ($110/day)

This rate is based on 22 business days, but covers the full month (as above, no charge for weekends).

LONG-TERM: $450/week ($90/day)

A further discounted rate for long-term hire of over 2 months/22 business days.  Rates for hire terms of longer than 6 months are open for negotiation.


  • 3 business days (daily rate) = $600
  • 8 business days (week+ rate) = $1,200
  • 6 weeks (month+ rate) = $3,300
  • 3.5 months/14 weeks (long-term rate) = $6,300


A $500 deposit is required, this is refundable upon timely return of the machine in acceptable condition.
At this stage, hirees must arrange their own insurance to cover the machine during the length of hire. While this is not an issue for the majority of our customers, it’s something we are actively working on, and will be able to offer our own insurance coverage in the near future.
A short training session is necessary for all first time machine operators.

To book hire of a machine, please email via our contact form or phone on 0800 112 890.