Hire a Machine

Hire our SW900 trailer-mounted unit. Self-contained with a water tank, just tow and go!

DAILY RATE: $200/day

Our base rate for hire terms less than 5 business days. We don’t hire for half-days at this stage.

WEEK+: $750/week ($150/day)

A reduced rate for hire terms of 5 – 21 business days. No additional charge weekend charge for hire over 5 days.

MONTH+: $550/week ($110/day)

This rate is based on 22 business days, but covers the full month (as above, no charge for weekends).

LONG-TERM: $450/week ($90/day)

A further discounted rate for long-term hire of over 2 months/22 business days.  Rates for hire terms of longer than 6 months are open for negotiation.


  • 3 business days (daily rate) = $600
  • 8 business days (week+ rate) = $1,200
  • 6 weeks (month+ rate) = $3,300
  • 3.5 months/14 weeks (long-term rate) = $6,300


A $500 deposit is required, this is refundable upon timely return of the machine in acceptable condition.
All prices are GST exclusive.

To book hire of a machine, please email via our contact form or phone on 0800 112 890.