Heads and Extras

Each machine comes with two applicator heads and 30m of insulated hose. Additional heads, longer hose, water tanks and more can also be purchased for added functionality.

The Handheld Applicator Heads

Each machine comes with the open head and an appropriately sized closed head.
The Versitech applicators are general purpose hand held applicators suitable for spot weeding, controlling weeds around buildings and in hard surfaces and provide excellent weed control in parks, gardens and for organic growers.
New to the range is the Steam Spike applicator series, designed to penetrate weeds and inject saturated steam. These are excellent for tackling broadleaf weeds, some grasses and even banana suckers. Check out the spec sheet or watch this Youtube video (click) for more info.

 Features include:

  • Insulated, robust, trigger operated applicator gun
  • 30m (100 ft) long high temperature hose with sheath
  • Stainless steel quick release coupling with patented siltproof action
  • Constructed from stainless steel and heat resistant mouldings



The Orchard 120

The orchard applicator heads are designed to be towed behind or beside vehicles to treat along plantation rows. The head is robust and lightweight in design, with a low profile for under canopy work.

Features include:

  • Path width of 120cm (also available in 90cm)
  • Puncture proof castor wheels
  • 6000 series aluminium chassy
  • Lightweight insulated alumunium hood
  • Mounting point to attach Rowtech 55 head for extra reach around trees etc


The Rowtech 55

With automation in mind, the Rowtech applicators allow for rapid treatment of streets, orchards, vineyards, and other horticultural operations. Standard width settings between applicator heads 180cm (6 ft) to 240cm (8 ft). Custom design also available.

Features include:

  • Singular and dual arms can be operated with left and right vehicle mountings
  • Arms are constructed from rugged, heavy gauge, powder coated steel
  • Vertical and horizontal pivoting system tracks terrain and the unique break away system allows the domes to roll gently around the plant
  • Insulated, robust domes
  • Nylon or rubber insulating dome skirt

The Hydraulic Arm and Rowtech Head

The Hydra-Boom is designed to work with the Rowtech 55 applicator heads, giving you control right from the seat of your tractor. Height, tilt and width are all hydraulically controlled. Berm and slope settings can be manually adjusted. Breakaway arms allow for close and gentle contact with plants, posts, pots etc.

Watch the video below to see it in action…

Other Optional Extras

There are other extras that we can add to your Steam Wand machine set up if desired.
Below is a rundown of what we can provide, please get in touch with us for current pricing.

  • Additional insulated hose
  • Hose reels for ease of use
  • Water tanks
  • Covers for tanks and machines
  • Custom trailer builds