Meet the Machines

Each machine has a range of possible mounts and a variety of compatible applicator heads. We can help you find the combination that best suits your needs.

The SW700

from $13,500 + GST

The Steamwand SW700 is the most compact and affordable Weedtechnics product, with pneumatic tyres making it ideal for schools, nurseries and home use.
Comes with 30m of insulated hose, with the option to upgrade to 60m, giving massive reach.
This machine can be connected directly to a tap or water tank, to deliver 2.5L of water a minute at just 15psi. This pressure is enough to deliver the destructive heat, without damaging or stripping soil and other surfaces.


The Green Ninja Stealth

from $15,500 + GST

This is another small, super maneuverable machine with the added bonus of being electrically powered. This makes it quieter for operators and neighbours, and reduces maintenance costs.
This machine has been developed for killing weeds in confined areas with low inclines such as nurseries, school playgrounds, and hobby farms, with easy access to 240V 10AMP power supply or 3.7kVA generator.
Connect directly to a garden tap or water tank, to deliver 5L per minute of saturated steam from the applicator head. The size and ease of use of this machine also make it particularly convenient for cleaning applications.

The SW900

from $17,500 + GST

The SW900 is built for regular use and ideal for large scale applications such as vineyards, orchards and berms.

Popular with contractors, councils and farmers alike, due to the added power and versatility, this machine can deliver 10L a minute from the widest applicator heads, or even 5L from two heads at once.

This model comes with a gasoline powered Briggs and Stratton engine to run the pump.

  • Outputs 10L/min or 2 x 5L/min
  • 1.6 hours non-stop use with 1000L water tank


The Sumo

The Sumo is a significant milestone for the efficient treatment of larger agricultural properties, running from the Power Take Off (PTO) shaft of a tractor tow vehicle.

The PTO drive pump and generator combination, removes the need for an engine and reduces complexity, machine cost as well as running and servicing costs.

Combined with our selection of applicator heads, it can be used in intensive horticulture such as berries, vines and orchards.

Available with a road-registered, fully galvanised agricultural trailer with 4000L tank.

  • Unique PTO powered pump charging system
  • Outputs an efficient 24L/min
  • 3.5 hours non-stop use with 4000L water tank
  • Treatment speed of 1 – 3km/hr, dependent on vegetation density
  • Max coverage of 1 hectare an hour*
*coverage based on use with 2 x 1.2m applicator heads

The SW3800KD

Our most powerful machine, especially designed for large-scale horticultural applications.

These units have fast heating and high volume delivery of 30L/minute, with the power to run nearly 300cm width worth of heads.
With standard 240cm width heads, the machine can cover at least 3600sqm in an hour.

Fully customised set ups and trailers for these machines are available to order.

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